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We are making a fundamental improvement to the lives of African people by improving financial efficiency,
social mobility and transparency.

This will lead to an increase in jobs, higher levels of investment, a surge in entrepreneurialism, whilst also paving the way for a cashless economy. We are not simply creating a bank,
but providing the catalyst for long-term financial change across Africa.



Digital Banking app in Rwanda and Africa



Innovative Features

Initially, we will offer customers basic but much needed, essential services. As Namiri grows and customer acquisition increases, AI will enable us to provide a range of exciting and innovative features in one digital banking app.

  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Easy money management through analytics and AI
  • The ability to open accounts in minutes without needing to visit a bank
  • Low cost of products made possible by no branch networks
  • Low cost international payments

  • Money management advice and responsible banking guidance
  • Conversion to cryptocurrencies
  • Insurance, property and lending services
  • Crowdfunding for local and charitable causes
  • Money exchange
  • Payment of bills and taxes

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Advanced Technologies

We seek to revolutionise banking in Africa by creating the regions first truly digital bank. By utilising the latest technologies such as blockchain, AI and cloud,
we will give every African access to instant, inexpensive and efficient digital banking and financial services.

Our digital bank in Africa will incorporate the latest and most advanced technologies to provide a truly ground-breaking user experience.





Bigger Than Banking

Creating the first truly digital bank in Africa is just the beginning, and will drive change across the region.


The current banking system in much of Africa lacks efficiency, so much so in some instances people simply avoid using it altogether. This results in the majority of Africans using black market channels which although quicker and sometimes more efficient are risky, untraceable and often fall outside of AML regulations.

Bringing people back into regular banking channels is in everyone’s interests. The free and fast movement of money will improve opportunities for individuals, grow businesses and increase governmental resources. Serious progress is being made across Africa in education, technology and trade. The first truly digital African bank will ensure that progress continues into the future.





 Digital Bank crowdfunding in Rwanda



Crowdfunding for the Community

 Our digital banking app will incorporate a ‘crowdfunding’ feature, giving African people the opportunity to invest in local organisations and ideas. We want to make an impact so powerful and so vast that anything becomes possible.

Social Mobility and Opportunity


Namiri will be a digital bank for Africans, made by Africans.

We are creating a new and exciting product and require a forward thinking country that will embrace change and innovation. Rwanda is a country that fits this description.

It is a very stable country that has low levels of corruption and is inhabited by a population that can speak English, Kinyarwanda, Swahili and French. Most recently, Volkswagen and the Mara Group have successfully launched major tech projects in the region. Rwanda has all of the elements to make it the perfect place to situate Namiri.

A Digital Bank For Africa

 Digital Bank in Rwanda and Africa 



Much More Than Just a Bank

We are passionate not just about digital financial services, but also about improving the lives of Africans. We will be running a number of features and schemes alongside our digital bank to increase opportunities for people in the region.

  • Social mobility programmes to assist students, jobseekers and businesses.
  • Employment opportunities in customer service and technology centres.
  • Business learning and gamification opportunities.
  • Crowdfunding features to fund local, noteworthy causes.

Empowering Communities


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