About Namiri Digital Bank

Our Philosophy

We are business people from the diaspora with extensive experience in banking and a passion for impactful business practices. We are technology innovators and work best when building behaviour driven cloud-based applications from first principles using exciting technologies such as AI and blockchain.

We also believe in making the world a better place for all. A digital bank in Africa is an opportunity for us to use our skills to bring a greater level of financial efficiency, transparency, social uplift and mobility to the mass market across Africa. We seek to make a profit, but only by making a fundamental improvement to the lives of African people.

Our technology is more than an ‘app’ or a banking catalyst. It will empower entrepreneurialism, free trade and investment. We believe that these benefits will create waves that can accelerate the continent’s economic growth and social mobility. We are not here to catch-up with the developed world. We want to create a system to which the rest of the world aspires.




Any Time. Any Place. Digital Power in Your Palm

Meet Our Team



Liam Hodges, CEO

Liam Hodges is an entrepreneur with a very successful track record in derivatives trading. Most recently, Liam was Vice President of Operations for a large corporate based in the Middle East, responsible for gross sales revenues of over US$1billion. Liam has a reputation for building solid teams that are focused, goal driven and highly motivated. His roles have covered operational management, financial and resource planning for major corporates in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Africa.




Tony Hodges, CTO

Tony Hodges is an entrepreneurial, pioneering technologist. He identifies, qualifies, builds consensus for and implements systems, to help businesses like HSBC, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, JP Morgan and Barclays reach their objectives. His advice has increasingly encompassed IT infrastructure, including AI, digital platforms and cloud services. Tony is now considered an industry leader in game-changing, disruptive technologies for digital platforms.







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