Digital Bank Rwanda Africa

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Not Just a Digital Bank in Africa.

We believe in making the world a better one for all. Creating the first truly digital bank in Africa is not just about providing customers with a new product. It is about fundamentally improving the lives of African people through financial efficiency, transparency and social mobility.

A properly working banking system that everyone can use will create untold opportunities for individuals, businesses and public services. We believe that a digital bank in Africa will create waves that will drive economic growth and social mobility in the region.

We are not seeking to transplant an existing banking system from a developed country into Africa. We want to create a ground-breaking system that will lead the way forward. This is why we will be running a number of initiatives alongside the creation of Namiri that we hope will boost investment, improve education and facilitate entrepreneurialism.





Digital Bank in Africa offering business learning

Encourage Technology Training 

We will create social mobility assistance through technology training services, business learning and gamification. This will be aimed at school children, budding young technologists straight out of school, college or university and those wanting to simply further their careers.

 Digital Bank in Africa creating employment

Creating Employment  Opportunities 

We will increase employment opportunities in Rwanda by setting up a customer service and technology centre in the region. This will initially serve Rwanda but will eventually support the wider region as well as international customers.

Digital Bank crowdfunding in Africa

Integrated Community Crowdfunding

We will develop a ‘crowdfunding’ feature, that will give customers the opportunity to invest in local organisations and worthy causes that will improve and develop the region.





Banking is just the start

We don’t simply want to bring African banking into line with the rest of the world. We want to develop and implement the best system available. 

The free and fast movement of money will allow businesses to flourish, families to share in each other’s success, remote areas to become connected and new ideas to take-off.