Digital Bank Rwanda Africa

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Features and Benefits of Namiri Digital Bank


Digital Bank in Rwanda and Africa

  Facial and voice recognition

Faster payments and account openings. Increased security will eventually remove the need for mobile wallets.

  AI technology

To promote responsible banking (e.g. to warn users that they will soon be overdrawn) and to offer investment advice.

  Constantly improving

Big data enables advanced analytics, reporting and facilitates better AI.

 Ubiquitous banking

Accessible via tablet, mobile Phone, computer, Facebook, TikTok etc.


 Micro-services/API (Application Programme Interfaces) links to payment systems across the world.


 99.99% uptime (any less reduces competence and confidence).




Secure Blockchain Technology: 

Instant settlements, better financial products including rotating savings and credit association ROSCA, reduced counterparty risk, improved contractual performance, increased transparency, reduced fraud via self sovereign identity and money transfers.





Data Privacy & Security


One of the biggest issues with data security is that many governments restrict third parties from accessing their citizens data. However, we can manage these concerns with the use of CMEK (Customer Managed Encryption Keys).

If you need more control over the keys used to encrypt data at rest within a Google Cloud project, several Google Cloud services offer the ability to protect data related to those services using encryption keys managed by the customer within Cloud KMS (Key Management Service).

These encryption keys are the CMEK, and when you protect data in Google Cloud services with CMEK, the CMEK key is within your control.

Using CMEK gives you control over more aspects of the lifecycle and management of your keys, such as (but not limited to) the following abilities:

  • You can control Google’s ability to decrypt data at rest by disabling the keys used to protect the data.
  • You can control your data using a key that meets specific locality or residency requirements.
  • You can automatically or manually rotate the keys used to protect your data.




Our Technology



The Domino Effect

  • We will start simply with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which offers basic but efficient, transactional banking app.
  • This will launch in Rwanda and quickly roll-out across the continent.
  • As its impact allows infrastructure and business to grow, so will its users.
  • With more users, we will have more data with which AI can work its magic.
  • With better automated services, Namiri will grow to provide more sophisticated services and genuinely impactful social change.
  • In time, Africans will use Namiri to invest and save, to give and share, to lend and to fund causes in their own regions and communities.

Please get in touch to find out more about the technology we use at Namiri for our digital bank in Africa.