We want to implement the best system available anywhere.

Banking is just the start. The free and fast movement of money will allow businesses to flourish, families to share in each other’s success, remote areas to become connected and new ideas to take-off. 




 Digital Bank in Rwanda and Africa

Namiri will make use of cloud technology which offers a number of benefits.

  • IT overhead costs are reduced by as much as 30% to 40%
  • IT processes can be scaled up and down as needed, optimising IT asset usage
  • Cloud improves the flexibility of IT meeting business needs. Cloud providers (AWS, Azure and GCP) are increasingly offering sophisticated solutions over and above basic computing and storage, such as big data and machine learning services, and we can leverage these
  • Cloud increases the quality of service through the self-healing nature of the standard solutions, for example by automatically allocating more storage to a database when it is needed
  • We can use complimentary business intelligence analytical tools that are cloud enabled and plug and play
  • We can leverage cloud monitoring tools across all environments, particularly in production, to ensure a pro-active problem resolution and guaranteed 99.9% uptime

Discover Our Technology   Digital Banking For Africa


Namiri to function on cloud hosted by one of the big four providers:


Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform



Microsoft Cloud


Alibaba Cloud

Contact us at Namiri to learn more about how cloud will transform digital banking in Africa.