Our digital bank in Africa will incorporate the latest and most advanced technologies to provide a
truly ground-breaking user experience.



Where We Are Now

  • We have a vision, a clear direction and a core team in place.
  • Our front-end prototype is in place.
  • We seek seed funding and a partnership to complete the team and begin development to Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • We are keen to lead in Rwanda and would like to develop Namiri in conjunction with all interested parties. 
  • We are looking for advice on financial regulations for each earmarked location.
  • Much of what we are proposing will be cutting edge technology and will need to be approved by the relevant authorities, such as cloud hosting, data privacy, facial recognition, blockchain and digital banking licences etc.



We will conduct business analysis to:

  • Determine existing customer behaviour and determine how to improve the user journey and customer experience, and incorporate it into Namiri.
  • Confirm full business requirements to support digital banking and ensure Namiri meets Central Bank regulatory requirements, and customise where necessary.
  • Confirm non-functional requirements such as customer base, volumes, number of transactions and required speed of the application.
  • Agree MVP with stakeholders for go-live.
  • Look into the possibility to acquire a microfinance entity which will automatically give Namiri a banking license as well as an instant customer base.
  • Alternatively we will build a greenfield product.




We will confirm and build into Namiri:

  • The regulatory requirements for banking regulations, data storage and data privacy including cloud adoption.
  • The regulatory reporting requirements as laid out by the relevant regulatory authorities.

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More Than Just A Digital Bank

We also believe in making the world a better place for all. A digital bank in Africa is an opportunity for us to use our skills to bring a greater level of financial efficiency, transparency, social uplift and mobility to the mass market across Africa.